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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
ADAMS JrJohn PopkinShubrick DD639Ens04/08/1943Killed in Action  
ADAMS JrEdward GShubrick DD639S1c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
BRANGSArthur WardShubrick DD639MM2c04/08/1943Killed in Action  
CAMPOSAlberto GShubrick DD639S2c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
CECILHenry EdwardShubrick DD639CMM04/08/1943Killed in Action  
CRUMPLERHenry CShubrick DD639MM2c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
DIGNINRobert J.Shubrick DD639MM1c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
DUFFY JrPaul JamesShubrick DD639F1c04/08/1943Killed in Action  
EMMERTBernard JShubrick DD639S1c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
EVANSWilliam SShubrick DD639TM3c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
FERGUSONJoseph H.Shubrick DD639S1c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
FLETCHER Jr.Thomas LShubrick DD639TM3c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
FRAZIERGuy FShubrick DD639RM3c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
GEORGEWilliam IrvinShubrick DD639MM3c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
GOLDENJackson RShubrick DD639S2c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
HAGENRobert TShubrick DD639F2c(MM)29/05/1945Killed in Action  
HALLOCKEugene FShubrick DD639S1c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
HILLSDonald JosephShubrick DD639MM2c04/08/1943Killed in Action  
HOOKEYFrancis JShubrick DD639RM2c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
HUSSAlbert EShubrick DD639S2c29/05/1945Killed in Action  
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