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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
Baur JrJohn FReuben James DD245CRM31/10/1941Killed in Action  
BeasleyHarold HReuben James DD245S1c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
BeldenJames MeadReuben James DD245Lt..D.V.(G)31/10/1941Killed in Action 
BensonJames F.Reuben James DD245MM231/10/1941Killed in Action  
BiehlJoseph P.Reuben James DD245S1c31/10/1941Killed in Action 
BoyntonPaul R.Reuben James DD245Y1c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
BrittHarold L.Reuben James DD245Cox31/10/1941Killed in Action  
BurrellHerbert AReuben James DD245S2c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
ByrdHartwell L.Reuben James DD245S1c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
Carbaugh JrLeftwich EReuben James DD245F1c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
ClarkJames BReuben James DD245FC231/10/1941Killed in Action  
CookRaymondReuben James DD245Matt1c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
CooperriderCarl E.Reuben James DD245GM3c31/10/1941Killed in Action 
CosgroveLawrence RReuben James DD245GM231/10/1941Killed in Action  
CousinsAlton A.Reuben James DD245CMM31/10/1941Killed in Action  
CoxCharles B.Reuben James DD245CTM31/10/1941Killed in Action  
DanielDennis H.Reuben James DD245Y3c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
Daub Jr.John JamesReuben James DD245Lt(jg)31/10/1941Killed in Action  
DevereauLaurenceReuben James DD245CBM31/10/1941Killed in Action  
DickersonLeonidas C.Reuben James DD245SK3c31/10/1941Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 20 of 101NEXT>>