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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AndersonThomas MPorter DD356F1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
Bailey John WPorter DD356F1c20/10/1942Killed in Action  
BanerRobert EPorter DD356CWT26/10/1942Killed in Action  
HolmesFrancis NPorter DD356WT2c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
JanssenRalphPorter DD356Lt(jg)26/10/1942Killed in Action  
KostelnikJohn RPorter DD356B2c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
Lewis MarquisPorter DD356F1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
MartensAmoePorter DD356WT2c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
McCarthyCharlesPorter DD356WT1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
Millar GlenPorter DD356F1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
RitzingerJosephPorter DD356WT1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
SchirmerChesterPorter DD356F1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
SextonVincentPorter DD356WT2c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
WilsonOffa LPorter DD356WT1c26/10/1942Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 14 of 14