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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
ADAMS JrJOE WILLIEMeredith (i) DD 434GM115/10/1942Killed in Action  
AGNESEDOMENICK RMeredith (i) DD 434COX15/10/1942Killed in Action  
AIKENALVIN HENRYMeredith (i) DD 434CM15/10/1942Killed in Action  
ALDERMANGLENN JMeredith (i) DD 434SC215/10/1942Killed in Action  
AlexanderRichard C.Meredith (ii) DD 726S2c09/06/1944Killed in Action  
ATHERTONJOHN MMeredith (i) DD 434Lt(jg)15/10/1942Killed in Action  
Baker Sr.Oren DavidMeredith (ii) DD 726F1c09/06/1944Killed in Action  
BARLAUMILTON MELVINMeredith (i) DD 434CMM15/10/1942Killed in Action  
BAUMGARTNER HIRAM WMeredith (i) DD 434F215/10/1942Killed in Action  
BEASTONCHARLES IMeredith (i) DD 434WT215/10/1942Killed in Action  
BEAUDRYJOSEPH AMeredith (i) DD 434S1c15/10/1942Killed in Action  
BeigelDavidMeredith (ii) DD 726S1c09/06/1944Killed in Action  
BELLIEUGENE FMeredith (i) DD 434RM315/10/1942Killed in Action  
BENNETTRALPH SMeredith (i) DD 434RM315/10/1942Killed in Action  
BERNARDAUSTIN LOUISMeredith (i) DD 434F115/10/1942Killed in Action  
BickelFrancis NormanMeredith (ii) DD 726WT3c09/06/1944Killed in Action  
BISHOPJUDSON EARLMeredith (i) DD 434CYN15/10/1942Killed in Action  
BOHANNONLYLE FMeredith (i) DD 434S215/10/1942Killed in Action  
BORTLEJAMES TMeredith (i) DD 434S215/10/1942Killed in Action  
BRADLEYTHOMAS JMeredith (i) DD 434S215/10/1942Killed in Action  
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