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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
APPICELLIJAMES PLuce DD 522CMM04/05/1945Killed in Action  
APPLEBYDAVID LLuce DD 522CMM04/05/1945Killed in Action  
BEEBE ROBERT CLuce DD 522S104/05/1945Killed in Action  
BELKNAP ROBERT MLuce DD 522MM204/05/1945Killed in Action  
BIXLER ALLEN HLuce DD 522MM204/05/1945Killed in Action  
BRAUNOTHMER PLuce DD 522S1c04/05/1945Killed in Action  
BROPHY JrJOHN J Luce DD 522FC104/05/1945Killed in Action  
BROWNRAYMOND ILuce DD 522RM304/05/1945Killed in Action  
BROWNWILLLuce DD 522STM204/05/1945Killed in Action  
BUNCE JrGEORGE LLuce DD 522TM304/05/1945Killed in Action  
BURBANKGEORGE HLuce DD 522S104/05/1945Killed in Action  
CARLSONROBERT WLuce DD 522S104/05/1945Killed in Action  
CARSLEYNORMAN WLuce DD 522S204/05/1945Killed in Action  
CASPERVERNON ELuce DD 522F104/05/1945Killed in Action  
CASTLEVERNON LLuce DD 522S104/05/1945Killed in Action  
CEBULASTANLEY JLuce DD 522GM304/05/1945Killed in Action  
CIMBALOMICHAELLuce DD 522S1c04/05/1945Killed in Action  
CLARKTHOMAS LLuce DD 522S1c04/05/1945Killed in Action  
CLUKEYDANIEL ALuce DD 522SC2c04/05/1945Killed in Action  
COLQUITTHERBERT RLuce DD 522S1c04/05/1945Killed in Action  
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