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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
ANCHALES BasilioLeopold (DE 319)St2c10/03/1944Killed in Action  
ANTIORJerome; Leopold (DE 319)F1c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
ASTYX, Vincent EdwardLeopold (DE 319)MM3c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
AUSTGENJohn CarlLeopold (DE 319)S1c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
AYRAULTGeorgeLeopold (DE 319)Lt. (JG)10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BALCZONJoseph EdwardLeopold (DE 319)S2c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BALLENGER Clyde EdwardLeopold (DE 319)BM21c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BECKER William FredericLeopold (DE 319)QM3C10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BELL John DonleyLeopold (DE 319)S2c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BILLET Joseph PowersLeopold (DE 319)EM2c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BIOTTI David CharlesLeopold (DE 319)F1c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BISSETTWilliam HaroldLeopold (DE 319)S2C10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BOBLITTClyde AlvinLeopold (DE 319)EM32c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BOLTON Robert JohnLeopold (DE 319)S2C10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BORDOVSKYGilbert AlfredLeopold (DE 319)WT2c10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BRACKNELL Huey LeonLeopold (DE 319)MoMM1c10/03/1944KIlled in Action 
BRADLEYCharles FrancisLeopold (DE 319)GM12C10/03/1944Killed in Action 
BRESSLERSeymourLeopold (DE 319)S2c10/03/1944Killed in Action  
BROWNShirley JuniorLeopold (DE 319)S1C10/03/1944Killed in Action  
BUSEYJames ArthurLeopold (DE 319)F1c10/03/1944Killed in Action  
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