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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AKSMORTON LLeary DD158ENS24/12/1943Killed in Action  
ALLEN JAMES MLeary DD158CWT24/12/1943Killed in Action  
ANDERSONPAUL LLeary DD158CTM24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BAIR CLARENCE ULeary DD158F1c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BALOGCharles RLeary DD158TM2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BELLAMYHARRY ELeary DD158S1c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BENNETT JrJOSEPH TLeary DD158TM2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BERGMANNHENRY ALeary DD158SC3c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BERNHARDTPAUL RLeary DD158MM2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
BOYD CHARLES ALeary DD158COX24/12/1942Killed in Action  
CLARKCHARLES KERMITLeary DD158GM1c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
COFFERJOE LLeary DD158CM3c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
COLLACOTT JrE ALeary DD158S1c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
CRONEMEYER GEORGE TLeary DD158LT(jg)24/12/1943Killed in Action  
CROUCHZELF ALeary DD158MM3c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
DARGERGERALD ELeary DD158F2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
DAYTON JrEDWARD MLeary DD158S2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
DECOSTEWILLIAMLeary DD158Snnnnn1c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
DELROSEALEX GLeary DD158MM2c24/12/1943Killed in Action  
DENTONARTHUR MLeary DD158CMM24/12/1943Killed in Action  
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