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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
Ballock Andrew ELansdale DD426WT3c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
BarclayKaryesLansdale DD426Ck2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
CamdenLewis E.Lansdale DD426S2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
CarrJoseph L.Lansdale DD426SF2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
CavanaughDaniel E.Lansdale DD426S1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
CroninJohn P.Lansdale DD426S1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
De MolaFrankLansdale DD426SF2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
DesibioOrlandoLansdale DD426S2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
DodsonBurford E.Lansdale DD426MM1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
Early JrJames M.Lansdale DD426WT2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
EwingDavid MLansdale DD426Lt(jg)20/04/1944Killed in Action  
GillSpencer T.Lansdale DD426S1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
GluskoMichaelLansdale DD426MM1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
GoodwinDouglas L.Lansdale DD426S1c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
HainesGeorgeLansdale DD426Lt(jg)20/04/1944Killed in Action  
HickmanCarlos A.Lansdale DD426FC3c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
HorneRobert H.Lansdale DD426SC3c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
HusteadCharles H.Lansdale DD426WT3c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
JacksonDavid A.Lansdale DD426FC3c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
JohnsonClarence ELansdale DD426WT2c20/04/1944Killed in Action  
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