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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
BaldwinVictor FKillen DD593S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
BorzomatiThomas FKillen DD593F2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
CagleThomas VKillen DD593S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
CulpepperLeroyKillen DD593Stm2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
DaleyEdward AKillen DD593S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
DavisJohn FKillen DD593StM1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
FerryCharles LKillen DD593Lt01/11/1944Killed in Action  
JacksonClarence WKillen DD593Std2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
KampsRobert LKillen DD593S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
KonzelmanWalter CKillen DD593F2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
LarkBilly JKillen DD593S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
MagazzineAlfredKillen DD593S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
MollenkopfWilliam EKillen DD593MoMM2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
MoranWilliam AKillen DD593S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
SomersGeorge RKillen DD593F1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 15 of 15