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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AdamsWarren GJohnston DD 557F1c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AdcockHenry KJohnston DD 557TM3c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
AkeySamuel JJohnston DD 557Cox25/10/1944Killed in Action 
AlamanzaEulalioJohnston DD 557S2c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
AndradaJackJohnston DD 557S2c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
AndrilEdward LJohnston DD 557S2c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
ArabieJasperJohnston DD 557S2c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
AustinOrion WJohnston DD 557S1C25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BarberUrsel WJohnston DD 557MM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BayichJoseph JJohnston DD 557S1c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BaylessMerill JJohnston DD 557WT1c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
Bechdel, John KJohnston DD 557 Lt.(jg)25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BenjaminRichard PJohnston DD 557TM3c 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BergmanReynold MJohnston DD 557S1c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BoehmFred FJohnston DD 557Cox 25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BornemanHoward CJohnston DD 557EM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BowmanGeorge MJohnston DD 557GM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BoyerHubert FJohnston DD 557Cox25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BrodieGeorge SJohnston DD 557EM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
BrooksFrancis LJohnston DD 557S2c25/10/1944Killed in Action 
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