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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AbeggRobertJarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action  
AddingtonFloydJarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AkinDudley R.Jarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AllenEdwardJarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AllenRichard H.Jarvis DD393Lt. (JG)09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AlvaradoJoseph D.Jarvis DD393F2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AndersonVernon R.Jarvis DD393F2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AndrewsMelvin E.Jarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AngeloJim F.Jarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
Armstrong Jr.John H.Jarvis DD393Lt.Cdr09/08/1942Killed in Action 
AthertonKenneth R.Jarvis DD393S2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BarnettLawson H.Jarvis DD393MM3c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BarrowPrestonJarvis DD393S1c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BartlettRichardJarvis DD393MM3c09/08/1942Killed in Action  
BeckettEdward G.Jarvis DD393EM1c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BenderCarl N.Jarvis DD393Ens.09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BieluczykEdwardJarvis DD393TM2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BinkleyPhilip M.Jarvis DD393CQMA09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BlackmonWillieJarvis DD393STM2c09/08/1942Killed in Action 
BlackrudArthur D.Jarvis DD393F1c09/08/1942Killed in Action  
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