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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AllanC JJacob Jones DD130BM2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BallenCharles WilliamJacob Jones DD130F2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BallewJames RobertsJacob Jones DD130F1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BarnesHerbert MJacob Jones DD130BM2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BeckmanWilliam JosephJacob Jones DD130SC3c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BlackHughJacob Jones DD130LCdr28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BolenHenry HowardJacob Jones DD130GM3c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BoydSherman TaftJacob Jones DD130WT1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BransonJohn RichardJacob Jones DD130S2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BrewerJohn TolJacob Jones DD130S1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BrockHobertJacob Jones DD130MM1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BronsteinBenjamin RJacob Jones DD130Lt(jg)28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BurdickAllen FrostJacob Jones DD130S2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BurnsJohn C. F.Jacob Jones DD130Cox28/02/1942Killed in Action  
BurthFrank AnthonyJacob Jones DD130PhM1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
ByklowBennieJacob Jones DD130S1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
CallahanJames AlbertJacob Jones DD130S1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
ChajhowskiAnthony JohnJacob Jones DD130WT1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
ChamberlainRussell D.Jacob Jones DD130Y2c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
ClemensFinch WoodrowJacob Jones DD130MM1c28/02/1942Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 20 of 137NEXT>>