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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
Armstrong   Harold Holder DE401M.MOMM2c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
BrownEdwin GeorgeHoldernessA.B.05/04/1945D.O.W.S.  
Hohensee Earl WHolder DE401F2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
HolderRandolph  MitchellHolder DE401Lt(jg)11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Horner  Harold Holder DE401F2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Johnson.Chester RHolder DE401MOMM2c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Kelly.Ernest    JHolder DE401F1/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Le Page.Ernest    RHolder DE401F1/c01/01/1970Killed in Action  
Leone   Vincent VHolder DE401F1/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
LockePhillip JHolder DE401F2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Lougheed.David    FHolder DE401F1/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Lucas.John    FHolder DE401F1/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Mc Kay.Allen    FHolder DE401MOMM2c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
PerkinsLeo    DewayneHolder DE401EM1c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Pringle.Luther RHolder DE401MoMM2c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Salazar.Guadalupe    PHolder DE401S2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Swigart.Donald LHolder DE401S2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
Tyler.Robert    EHolder DE401Lt11/04/1944Killed in Action  
VathHoward BHolder DE401S2/c11/04/1944Killed in Action  
 Displaying results 1 to 19 of 19