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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
Addington, Jr Norman EHoel DD533FC3c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AkermanPhillip AHoel DD533S1c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AllenCharles THoel DD533Y2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AllenZollie EHoel DD533S2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AmspokerWalter HHoel DD533SM3c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AndersonCarl VHoel DD533S1c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
AustinMilton H.Hoel DD533FC1c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BakerMarion WHoel DD533Lt(jg)25/10/1944Killed in Action  
Bales Paul EHoel DD533S2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BarclayWarren J.Hoel DD533CEM25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BarnhartChester AHoel DD533CGM25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BaseyJohn SHoel DD533F2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BastanchuryJean AHoel DD533GM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BelvinJames JHoel DD533CMM25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BenceRaymon JHoel DD533 MM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BerryJames DHoel DD533STM1c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
Bieniewicz Frank JHoel DD533TM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BradfieldWilliam BHoel DD533S2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BrannanThomas AHoel DD533MM2c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
BranstetterWilliam CHoel DD533Gm3c25/10/1944Killed in Action  
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