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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AdamsVoncealHalligan DD584S1c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
AmorelloJoseph FHalligan DD584WT3c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
ArrendondoAviel JHalligan DD584S1c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
AshcraftRobert LHalligan DD584SoM2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
AubuchonThomas EHalligan DD584F2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
AutreyJames HHalligan DD584S2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BaccarellaSalvatore CHalligan DD584RM3c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BadeauxAlvin JHalligan DD584S2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BanderetDaniel HHalligan DD584RM3c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BarnesJohn WHalligan DD584RdM3c (TDP)26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BarrettWalter CHalligan DD584S2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BearSherburn NHalligan DD584Lt26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BellPaul WHalligan DD584S2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BetzGeorge JHalligan DD584CRM26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BighamHarold GHalligan DD584S2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BishopHarold CHalligan DD584S1c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BlakeArthur LHalligan DD584S1c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BlardoneJulius SHalligan DD584S1c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BlocherAndrew WHalligan DD584FC3c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
BoggsVirgil SHalligan DD584MM2c26/03/1945K.I.A.(after hitting a Mine ) 
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