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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AberMichaelBowers DE637QM 2/C24/04/1945Died of Wounds    
Bagley, Jr.Ralph M.Bowers DE637RM 3/C16/04/1945Killed in Action(Kamikaze)  
BakerRobert CowanBowers DE637CM2c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
BatchellerHiland C.Bowers DE637S1c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
BelkRobert CrawfordBowers DE637S1c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
BelvilleLouis F.Bowers DE637S1c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
BraddyEarl DavisBowers DE637S2c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
CassidyJoseph F.Bowers DE637CM 3c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
ChollarKent SamuelBowers DE637CM3c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
ClarkKenneth A.Bowers DE637S1c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
ClawsonAlvin BrownlowBowers DE637S1c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
CosmeThomasBowers DE637RDM3c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
Crow David LyleBowers DE637RT1c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
FifeLawrence MichaelBowers DE637SC3c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
GerwigLeon OtisBowers DE637F1c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
HarrisJames AltonBowers DE637MM3c16/04/1944Killed in Action  
HayesHarvey BlaneBowers DE637S1c16/04/1945Killed in Action  
HessRalph HarveyBowers DE637QM 3/C16/04/1944Killed in Action  
HonnertJames EdwardBowers DE637QM 1/C16/04/1945Killed in Action  
Howard, Jr.Herbert W.Bowers DE637Lt.(jg)16/04/1944Killed in Action  
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