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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AlestekWalter Bache DD 470SK1c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
ArmstrongJohn F. Bache DD 470MM3c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
AtkinRichard A. Bache DD 470F2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
AtwellAdrian G.Bache DD 470S1c13/05/1944Missing in Action  
BagliaSalvatore C. Bache DD 470TM3c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
BeckerWilliam Joseph. Bache DD 470SOM213/05/1945Killed in Action  
BrunerWarner D. Bache DD 470S1c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
BrzinskiEdward J. Bache DD 470S2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
CantrellLloyd D. Bache DD 470SM2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
CastleberryCharlie K. Bache DD 470CEM13/05/1945Killed in Action  
ClendenningCarl L. Bache DD 470S2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
FarthingHal B. Bache DD 470Ens13/05/1945Killed in Action  
HagadishGeorge L. Bache DD 470SOM3c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
HendersonHarold E. Bache DD 470MM1c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
HermosilloDaniel V. Bache DD 470S1c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
HolseyMorris E. Bache DD 470MM3c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
HottleBillie F. Bache DD 470EM2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
KeckFrederick C. Bache DD 470S2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
LaichasGustav K.Bache DD 470F2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
McGaugheyJohn E. Bache DD 470RT2c13/05/1945Killed in Action  
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