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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
BaumgartnerPaul JAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
BitterJohn NAulick-DD 569F1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
BustamanteArturoAulick-DD 569S2c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
ByceGeorge LAulick-DD 569Cox29/11/1944Killed in Action  
ByrneJoseph AAulick-DD 569GM2c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
CarneyLeo JAulick-DD 569RdM2c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
CasasMarcelo RAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
ChastainJames FAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
ColemanWillard JAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
Congrady JrJoseph AAulick-DD 569BM2c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
CopelandBilly HAulick-DD 569Cox29/11/1944Killed in Action  
GibsonLeo DAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
HahnJames LAulick-DD 569Lt(jg)29/11/1944Killed in Action  
HarperClovisAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
HartleyVictor WAulick-DD 569GM3c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
HoetzelAlbert Aulick-DD 569Gnr29/11/1944Killed in Action  
HorlickJohn HAulick-DD 569Ens29/11/1944Killed in Action  
IkalaAaroAulick-DD 569S1c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
MellsDanAulick-DD 569Stm1c29/11/1944Missing in Action 
MerrellJudge PAulick-DD 569S2c29/11/1944Killed in Action  
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