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SurnameForenamesShip NameRankLostHow Lost
AugustusWayne HAbner Read-DD 526GM1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
BrewerRobert N.Abner Read-DD 526F1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
BrightAlvin M.Abner Read-DD 526S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
Brown William HAbner Read-DD 526S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
HarmonGeorge KAbner Read-DD 526FC3c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
Kephart Anson WAbner Read-DD 526S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
KettleJoseph EAbner Read-DD 526Ens01/11/1944Killed in Action  
McCluenWilliam AAbner Read-DD 526BM1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
Meyers Charles RAbner Read-DD 526MM2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
O'NeillWilliam JAbner Read-DD 526Ens01/11/1944Killed in Action  
OrtizDavid LAbner Read-DD 526S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
Reynolds Sr.Clarence Abner Read-DD 526S1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
RobsonWalstans SAbner Read-DD 526Ens01/11/1944Killed in Action  
RohlandRobert LAbner Read-DD 526S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
RookerWilliam HAbner Read-DD 526S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
RossiEmil NAbner Read-DD 526BM1c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
RudderLiles BAbner Read-DD 526S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
SimmonsTimothyAbner Read-DD 526Std3c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
TirabassiErnestAbner Read-DD 526S2c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
TrosperFrankAbner Read-DD 526MM3c01/11/1944Killed in Action  
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