USS Monaghan (ii)(DD-354)

Casualty List

Navy US Navy
Type Destroyer
Class Farragut 
Pennant DD 354 
Built by Boston Navy Yard (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.) 
Laid down 12 Nov 1933 
Launched 9 Jan 1935 
Commissioned 19 Apr 1935 
Lost 18 Dec 1944 
Loss position 14.57N, 127.58E east of Samar, Philippines
  After her commission, USS Monaghan served in the Atlantic as a training ship. Then she was relocated to the Pacific, and on Dec 7, 1941, she was stationed in Pearl Harbour, she was about to join USS Ward in pursuing some unidentified submerged vessels (the attacking Japanese midget-subs) at the entrance of the harbour, when the first wave of aircraft stuck Oahu. She opened fire with her AA guns, then a lookout spotted a midget submarine inside the harbour. Monaghan rammed the sub, then finished it off with two depth charges. After the attack Monaghan left Pearl Harbour, escorting the Lexington to relieve Wake, but they were late, and had to turn back. On the way home while protecting the capital ship, with two other escorts Monaghan chased away and possibly damaged a Japanese submarine. Apart from a brief escort duty, she spent the rest of the spring in the task force around the Lexington.

At the Battle of the Coral Sea, the day before the major engagement Monaghan carried messages, keeping this way the radio silence, and missing out on the thick of the battle. With the loss of the Lexington, she was attached to the screen of the Enterprise. In the Battle of Midway she was ordered to save a downed pilot, when she came across the badly damaged Yorktown, and joined other escorts to prevent the Japanese to inflict further damage to the ship. However, one of Japan's most skilled sub-skippers, Cmdr Tanaka manages to sinks the Yorktown and the destroyer Hammann.

After the battle she was sent North, to the Aleutians, where in bad weather she collided with another vessel, forcing her into the repair dock. On 17 November, near the Fijis she suffered damage again, bending her propellers in shallow waters. After repairs she was sent again to the Aleutians, participating in the battle off Komandorski Islands. She spent the summer cruising around the Aleutians. On 20 June, she fought an unidentified foe, without seeing it, directing her fire solely based on information from the radar. 2 days later she pursued and attacked a submarine, which ran aground in the shallow waters, and was abandoned. She was identified as the I-7. After she escorted convoys, then she was attached to three escort carriers, and took part in the invasion of Tarawa. The following months she fulfilled convoy escort duties, as well as screening task forces, engaged in landings like Kwajalein, Truk and Saipan.

USS Monaghan sinks during a typhoon on the 18 Dec, with two other destroyers, east of Samar, Philippines in position 1457'N, 12758'E. Only six of her crew were ever found by the destroyer USS Brown. 257 crew died including the Commanding officer Lt Cmdr Floyd Bruce Garrett these six survivors were transferred to the hospital ship USS Solace on Christmas eve. They had been in the water for 4 days. All were treated for Shock, Exposure and dehydration otherwise in fair shape considering their experience.

Before her loss, USS Monaghan received 12 Battle Stars for her services.


Commanders in Command
Cdr. Robert Rowe Thompson,    USN                        from  19 Apr 1935  to Jun 1936
Lt.Cdr. Kenmore Mathew McManes,             USN   from  1939
Lt.Cdr. Nicholas Bauer van Bergen,               USN    from  1940
Lt.Cdr. William Page Burford,                        USN    from  1941
Lt.Cdr. Peter Harry Horn,                              USN    from  Jan. 1943  to Dec. 1943
Lt.Cdr. Waldemar Frederick August Wendt, USN     from Dec 1943 to  Dec  1944
Lt.Cdr. Floyd Bruce Garrett, Jr.                      USN     from Dec 1944  to Dec 18 1944