USS Maddox (ii) DD-622

Casualty List

Navy US Navy
Type Destroyer
Class Bristol 
Pennant DD 622 
Built by Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. (Kearny, New York, U.S.A.) 
Laid down 7 May 1942 
Launched 15 Sep 1942 
Commissioned 31 Oct 1942 
Lost 10 Jul 1943 
Loss position 36.52N, 13.56E
History During the invasion of Sicily, USS Maddox (Lt Cmdr Eugene Sylvester Sarsfield) was pounded by two 250 pound bombs by a lone JU-88 bomber. One struck the magazine and the other struck the rear No. 5 gun turret. The magazine demolished her stern and then the Maddox rolled over and sank in two minutes south of Licata, Sicily, Italy in position 3652'N, 1356'E. 211 of her crew were killed including the Commanding officer and 74 survivors were picked up by the USS Intent which was near-by.

USS Maddox (iii) (DD731)

Casualty List

Navy US Navy
Type Destroyer
Class Sumner 
Pennant DD 731 
Built by Bath Iron Works (Bath, Maine, U.S.A.) 
Laid down 28 Oct 1943 
Launched 19 Mar 1944 
Commissioned 2 Jun 1944 
End service 1972 

While employed in offensive operations off Mindoro, P.I., the MADDOX was attacked by a Japanese plane, identified as a Zeke, which made a suicide dive into the starboard superstructure. Damage caused by the simultaneous explosion of the plane and estimated 100 pound bomb which it carried was severe. 8 Casualties were suffered as result of burns or shrapnel wounds.

Decommissioned in 1972.
Stricken 2 July 1972.
Transferred to Taiwan 6 July 1972 being renamed Po Yang.