USS Barton (i) (DD-599)  / USS Barton (ii) DD722

Casualty List

Photo courtesy of Angela Smith

Navy USN






DD 599

Built by:

Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, Mass
Laid Down: 20 May 1941




31 January 1942


29 May 1942
Decommissioned 13 November 1942


13 November 1942 1034'S, 16144'E,
History: Last hours of the USS Barton had just fired a full spread of torpedoes at the HIJMS Hiei when the Light Cruiser USS Helena appeared suddenly out of the darkness and cut directly across the bow of the Barton. Making an emergency stop to avoid colliding with the USS Helena, the Barton found herself at a dead stop as her engineering crew tried to get her engines back into gear to get her moving again. However, before she could get underway two 'Long Lance' torpedoes fired by the HIJMS Amatsukaze slammed into the mid-ships of the USS Barton; one in her boiler room and one in her engine room. The massive explosions broke the Barton in two and both sections sank  within minutes of the first torpedo striking, carrying with her : 13 officers and 151 of her crew. Forty-two survivors were rescued by USS Portland and twenty-six by Higgins boats from Guadalcanal.

USS Barton (ii) (DD 722)

Navy US Navy
Type Destroyer
Class Allen M. Sumner 
Pennant DD 722 
Built by Bath Iron Works (Bath, Maine, U.S.A.) 
Laid down 24 May 1943 
Launched 10 Oct 1943 
Commissioned 30 Dec 1943 
  Decommissioned 22 January 1947.
Recommissioned 11 April 1949.
Decommissioned at an unknown date.
Stricken 1 October 1968.
Sunk as a target off the coast of Virginia 8 October 1969.