HNMS Evertsen (EV)

Casualty List

Navy Royal NetherlandsNavy
Type Destroyer
Class Admiralen
Pennant EV
Built by Burgerhout Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek (Rotterdam, Holland)
Laid down 5 Aug 1925
Launched 26 Sep 1926
Commissioned 12 Apr 1928
Lost 1 Mar 1942 on a reef at Seboekoe Besar
  The ship was at Batavia on 28 February 1942 and was ordered to escape to Colombo via Sunda Strait. However Evertsen (Lt.Cdr. Walburg Marius de Vries) was intercepted by the Japanese destroyers Murakumo and Shirakumo (both offsite links). Several hits caused a large fire, after which the commanding officer saw no other option than to beach his ship on the reef at Seboekoe Besar. All together 57 died during the sinking and internment and 111 were captured and repatriated though the Commanding officer Vries De dies whilst a Prisoner of war on the 25/03/1942.



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