USS Edsall  (i)(DD-219)

Casualty List

Navy US Navy
Type Destroyer
Class Clemson 
Pennant DD 219 
Built by William Cramp and Sons (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) 
Laid down 15 Sep 1919 
Launched 29 Jul 1920 
Commissioned 26 Nov 1920 
Lost 1 Mar 1942 
Loss position 13.45S, 106.47E
  Around 1800 hours on 1 March 1942 the Japanese battlecruisers Hiei and Kirishima and heavy cruisers Chikuma and Tone engage the damaged USS Edsall (Lt.Cmdr Joshua James Nix) with gunfire. The Japanese ships fire over 1300 rounds at the Edsall and score only two hits. An air strike on the Edsall by the nearby carriers is requested. Soryu launches nine dive bombers and the Akagi eight. The aircraft hit Edsall with 550lb and 1100lb bombs and set her on fire. Eventually Edsall goes dead in the water. The Heavy cruiser Chikuma moves in and destroys the stationary Edsall with 6" gunfire.

Around 1900 hours Edsall slides beneath the waves with 150 of her crew