HMS Catterick (L81)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy




Hunt (Type III) 


L 81 

Built by:

Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness, U.K.) 

Laid down:

1 Mar, 1941 


22 Nov, 1941 

Commissioned: 12 Jun, 1942 




In July 1943 HMS Catterick entered the Selborne dry dock at Simonstown, South Africa for replacement of a propeller and shaft and the fitting of a large radar tower. The following September she was operating in the Mediterranean as a member of Force V with Rear Admiral Vian in overall command. On the 8th, Operation “Avalanche” commenced, this was the amphibious attack on the Gulf of Salerno with it`s main objective, the capture of Naples. As the assault craft approached the beaches HMS Catterick and her sisters supplied air cover and also engaged enemy shore batteries.

In August 1944 HMS Catterick was employed in the escorting of convoys required for the landing forces involved in operation "Dragoon," this was the Allied invasion of Southern France. By the evening of 17th, a total of 86,575 troops, 12,250 vehicles and 46,140 tons of supplies had been landed. Later at the end of that month she was tasked to operate in the English Channel area. During September-October, she made up part of the British Aegean Force involved in mopping up sorties, prior to the occupation of the Aegean Island and Greek mainland. On October 5th, in company with the British cruiser HMS Aurora she shelled the Levitha Island in the Aegean, and landed a shore party to whom the island surrendered.

In early May 1945 HMS Catterick in company with the British destroyer HMS Kimberley and the Greek destroyer Krait made a raid on the Island of Rhodes. HMS Catterick returned to the U.K. after VE Day, and was then journeyed to Durban, South Africa where the crew were discharged, and the ship was refitted before it was being sold to the Greek Navy.

In 1946 HMS Catterick was sold to the Greek Navy, and renamed Hastings. In July 1963 Hastings was broken up for scrap at Athens. 

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