Casualty List

 Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H11 
Built by:  John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd. (Clydebank, Scotland)
Laid down: 19 Aug, 1929 
Launched: 06 Aug, 1930 
Commissioned: 04 Mar, 1931 
Complement: 138


1 Jun, 1940 (Cdr. M. Richard, RN.) ( 51.08N 02.35E.)


Battle Honours

NORWAY 1940 - DUNKIRK 1940



1 9 3 9


September             Took passage from Plymouth to take up War Station and joined 19th Destroyer Flotilla based

                             at Dover for convoy escort and patrol in English Channel and North Sea,


October                  Channel deployment in continuation.



                12th        Deployed with HMS BLANCHE as escort for HMS ADVENTURE

                              during passage from Humber to Portsmouth.

                13th        Rescued survivors from HMS BLANCHE after both HMS BLANCHE and HMS ADVENTURE

                              detonated magnetic mines.

                              Embarked wounded from HMS ADVENTURE.

                              HMS BLANCHE was sunk and HMS ADVENTURE sustained major structural damage



                15th        Escorted HMS PRINCESS VICTORIA with HMS EXPRESS, HMS  ESK and

                              HMS BASILISK.


1 9 4 0


January/March        Channel and North Sea escort and patrol duty in continuation.



                17th        Detached for duty with Home Fleet for convoy escort and support of military operation in

                              Norwegian waters.

                24th        Deployed with HMS WREN and HMS HESPERUS as escort for HMS RESOLUTION

                              during passage to Narvik.


May                        Home Fleet deployment off Norway in continuation.

                5th         Escorted ss EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA during passage to Tjalander Fjord.

                12th       Deployed with HMS RESOLUTION, HMS EFFINGHAM, HMS VINDICTIVE, HMS AURORA, HMS

                             SOMALI, HMS HAVELOCK, HMS FAME, HMS WREN and HMS PROTECTOR for support

                             of planned landings at Bjervik in preparation for an attack on Narvik.

                13th       On arrival took part in support of landings in Herjangs Fjords.


                20th        Detached from Home Fleet duties for support of evacuation of troops from Dunkirk

                              Passage to Dover.

                30th        Deployed at Dover


                31st        Carried out two trips to embark troops

                              338 troops were carried on first trip and 357 on the second.).



                1st          Returned to La Panne to continue evacuation and came under air attacks

                              Sustained major damage and immobilised with many casualties

                              Towing attempt by HMS WHITEHALL and Belgian Trawler LA JOLIE MASCOTTE

                              failed and ship came under dive-bombing attacks with further damage.

                              Ship sank in position (51.08N 02.35E.)

                              131 survivors were rescue by LA JOLIE MASCOTTE.

                              Wreck was destroyed by gunfire from HMS WHITEHALL


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