HMS Antelope (H36)

Casualty List

Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H 36 
Built by: Hawthorn Leslie & Co. (Hebburn-on-Tyne, U.K.)
Ordered: 6 Mar, 1928
Laid down 11 Jul, 1928 
Launched: 27 Jul, 1929 
Commissioned 20 Mar, 1930 
  Adopted by Brentwood (a small town in Essex, UK, north-east of London) and has sent 50 to the local hospital.

5 Feb, 1940
The German submarine U-41 was sunk south of Ireland, in position 4920'N, 1004'W, by depth charges from the RN destroyer HMS Antelope (Lt.Cdr. R.T. White, RN)

13 Jun, 1940
HMS Antelope (Lt.Cdr. R.T. White, DSO, RN) sustained damage after a collision with HMS Electra (Lt.Cdr. S.A. Buss, RN).

2 Nov, 1940
The German submarine U-31 was sunk north west of Ireland in position 5626'N, 1018'W by depth charges from the RN destroyer HMS Antelope (Lt.Cdr. R.T. White, DSO, RN).

21 May, 1941
The British battlecruiser Hood (Capt. R. Kerr, CBE, RN, flying the flag of Vice-Admiral L.E. Holland, CB, RN) and the battleship Prince of Wales (Capt. J.C. Leach, MVO, RN) were ordered to proceed to Hvalfjord, Iceland as the German battleship Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen were spotted by air reconnaissance at Bergen, Norway. As there were indications that these two were contemplatibf a raid on the ocean trade routes.

The two British capital ships were escorted by the destroyers HMS Electra (Cdr. C.W. May, RN), HMS Anthony (Lt.Cdr. J.M. Hodges, RN), HMS Echo (Lt.Cdr. C.H.deB. Newby, RN), HMS Icarus (Lt.Cdr. C.D. Maud, DSO, RN), HMS Achates (Lt.Cdr. Viscount Jocelyn, RN) and HMS Antelope (Lt.Cdr. R.B.N. Hicks, DSO, RN).

19 Jan, 1943
The RN destroyer HMS Antelope (Lt.Cdr. E.N. Sinclair, RN) and the Canadian corvette HMCS Port Arthur (A/Lt.Cdr. E.T. Simmons, DSC, RCNVR) sank the Italian submarine Tritone (Cdr. Paolo Monechi / 26 dead.) near Bougie, Algeria in position 3706'N, 0522'E. The Italian submarine was on it's first war patrol. She was only commissioned on 10 October 1942.

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