HMS Mendip (L60)

Casualty List

Navy: RN
Type: Escort destroyer
Class: Hunt (Type I) 
Pennant: L 60 
Built by: Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd. (Wallsend-on-Tyne, U.K.): Wallsend 
Laid down: 10 Aug, 1939 
Launched: 9 Apr, 1940 
Commissioned: 12 Oct, 1940 
October. Damaged by own depth charges.
November. Under repair at Middlesbrough.
February. Working up in Scapa Flow
March. Joined 21st Flotilla for North Sea convoy escort duties.
July. Bombardment of Dieppe in support of the raid.
Convoy escort duties.
May. Refitting at Chatham.
June. Convoy escort fo Middle East.
July. Supporting duties for operation HUSKY.
September. Supporting duties for Salerno landings (operation AVALANCHE). Sustained damage from air attack and returned to Malta for repairs.
October. Under repair.
November. Escorted HMS Warspite to Gibralta after receiving damage off Salerno.
December. Resumed Mediterranean convoy escort duties.
May. Rejoined 21st Flotilla for passage to Chatham.
June. Joined 111th Escort Group. Rescued US troops after their ship detonated a mine and transferred them to shore. Escorted futher convoys to OMAHA beach.
July. Returned to Plymouth for refitting.
November. While working up at Scapa Flow, damaged both propellers and ASDIC dome. Repaired in floating dock. Rejoined 21st Flotilla.
January. Ran aground and repaired at Chatham.
August. Deployed in Clyde for destruction of surrendered U-Boats.
January. Paid off, company transferred to HMS Bleasdale.

Transferred to China May 1948 and renamed Lin Fu. Reposessed after the Yangtze around June 1949 and re-commissioned with the ships company of HMS Consort. Sold to the Egyptian Navy becoming Mohamed ali-El-Kebir on 15 November 1949, renamed Ibrahim-El-Awal later in 1951. Was captured by the Israeli navy after combat and surrender in the 1956 Sinai campaign. Renamed INS Haifa.
May. Lent to China for five years and became the LIN FU.
May. Repossessed by the Royal Navy after the Yangtze Incident, and joined the Far East Fleet.
September. Paid off.
November. Sold to Egypt and renamed MOHAMMED ALI EL KABIR
Captured by Israel, renamed HAIFA and used for training duties.

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