HMS Bickerton (K466)

Casualty List


Royal Navy


Destroyer Escort





Built by:

Bethlehem-Hingham Shipyard Inc. (Hingham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.) 

Laid down:

3 May, 1943 


26 Jul, 1943 


17 Oct, 1943 

End service:

22 Aug, 1944 


HMS Bickerton (Cdr. Donald George Frederick Wyville MacIntyre, DSO and 2 Bars, RN), as part of the 5th Escort Group was escorting the second group of escort carriers (HMS Trumpeter (D 09) and HMS Nabob (D 77)) from the Home Fleet (Adm Moore), which covered the convoy JW-59 and launched further attacks (Operation Goodwood) on the German battleship Tirpitz in the Altenfjord. Before the group was able to launch an attack on the battleship, U-354 encountered them on her search for the convoy northwest of the North Cape in the Barents Sea. At about 01.00 hours on 22 August 1944, the U-boat badly damaged HMS Nabob (D 77) with a FAT torpedo spread and tried to sink her at 01.22 hours with a Gnat, which struck HMS Bickerton (K 466) in position 7142'N, 1911'E. The Bickerton was subsequently scuttled by a torpedo from HMS Vigilant (R 93). 

Hit by U-boat
Sunk on 22 Aug, 1944 by U-354 (Sthamer).

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