HMS Active H14

Casualty List

Following Collision with HMS Worcester


Royal Navy







Built by:

Hawthorn Leslie & Co. (Hebburn-on-Tyne, U.K.) 

Laid down:

6 Mar, 1928 


10 Jul, 1928 


9 Jul, 1929 



In May 1941 the ship participated in the hunt for the battleship Bismarck.

In 1942 she participated in the Madagascar landings, during which on 8 May she sank the Vichy French submarine Monge. Later while being based in Cape Town on 8 October she sank the German U-179 en route to Penang.

During the rest of the war the ship served as escort mainly between Great Britain and Sierra Leone after receiving increased anti aircraft and anti submarine armament. On 23 May 1943 she sank the Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci west of Cape Finisterre together with HMS Ness and on 2 November 1943 U-340 close to Tangier.

In May 1947 HMS Active was decommissioned and  broken up for scrap on 20 May 1947. Scrapped at Troon, Scotland.

Commanding Officers:

Cdr. Errol Concanon Lloyd Turner, RN
1 May 1939 - February 1941

Lt. Cdr. Michael Wilfred Tomkinson, RN
February 1941 1 January 1943
DSC awarded on 25 August 1942

Lt. Cdr. Peter Gordon Merriman, RN
1 January 1943 9 October 1944
DSC awarded on ???

Cdr. John Pringle, RN
9 October 1944 November 1944

Lt. John Aylmer McClure, DSC, RN
November 1944 still in command in October 1945 according to the Navy List
Promoted to Lt. Cdr. on 16 March 1945


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