HMS Vimiera (L29)/ D23

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Class: Admiralty V & W 
Pennant: L 29 /D23
Mod: Fast escort 
Built by: Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd. (Wallsend-on-Tyne, U.K.):
Laid down: Oct, 1916 
Launched: 22 Jun, 1917 
Commissioned: 19 Oct, 1917 
Lost: 9 Jan, 1942 (c 51-30'N, 1-00'E,was sunk by a German mine in the Thames estuary off East Spile Buoy on 9 January 1942. 
History: Reconstruction to Fast Escort completed on 8 January 1940. Pennant was D 23 changed to L 29 upon completion of this reconstruction.

24 May, 1940
The Polish destroyer Bursa was ordered to join the British destroyers HMS Vimiera and HMS Wessex and shell German positions in Calais area. At 16.20 the Allied vessels opened fire on enemy armoured column at Sangate Hill, west of Calais. 10 minutes later they were attacked by 27 German aircraft which hit and sank HMS Wessex. HMS Vimiera managed to escape. Then the entire enemy air group concentrated on the Polish destroyer. The AA guns (2 x 40 mm) jammed due to shrapnel hits, three bombs exploded in the water. They caused boiler damage and loss of speed. The commander (Lt. Cdr. Francki) ordered to emergency launch the torpedoes and drop all depth charges, trying to avoid additional explosions. Shortly after this, two bombs hit the Burza and badly damaged her. However the aircraft had dropped all of their bombs and broke off the attack. The crew managed to stop the leakage and return to Dover. One German aircraft was shot down during the action.

Commanding Officers:
HMS Vimiera was in Dockyard control during reconstruction / refit

Lt.Cdr. Roger Bertram Nettleton Hicks, RN
15 January 1940 - 26 February 1941

A/Lt.Cdr. Angus Alexander Mackenzie, RNR
26 February 1941 - 9 January 1942 


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