HMS Glowworm (H92)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H 92 
Built by: Thornycroft (Southampton, U.K.) 
Laid down: 15 Aug, 1934 
Launched: 22 Jul, 1935 
Commissioned: 22 Jan, 1936 
Complement: 145
Lost: 8 Apr,1940 (Lt Cdr Gerard Roope, awarded VC)

(c 64-30'N, 6-30'E) Western Europe, NW of Trondheim in Norwegian Sea  - by German 8 gunned heavy cruiser 'Admiral Hipper'.

History: HMS Glowworm (Lt.Cdr. G.B. Roope, R.N., VC) was sunk after she rammed the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper. Hipper ended up with a large underwater gash in her hull and had to return to base for repairs. HMS Glowworm, already damaged by gunfire was fatally damaged during the ramming and sank. Only a little over 30 men from her crew survived. Lt. Cdr. Roope was awarded a posthumous VC on the recommendation of the Commanding officer of the Admiral Hipper, this is the only recorded occurrence of a decoration awarded on the recommendation of the enemy

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