HMS Grafton (H89)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H 89 
Built by: Thornycroft (Southampton, U.K.) 
Laid down: 30 Aug, 1934 
Launched: 18 Sep, 1935 
Commissioned: 20 Mar, 1936 
Complement: 145
Lost: 29 May, 1940 (Cdr. C. E. C. Robinson, RN.)(c 51-15'N,2-45'E) sunk by 1 torpedo from German submarine U-62  (Michalowski) while returning from Dunkirk fully loaded with troops, the explosions broke her back and blew off her stern. 16 crew including the Captain were killed, After taking off  survivors, the burning wreck was sunk by HMS Ivanhoe.  Despite being packed with troops, other vessels took off the remaining troops and ship's company.


History: 26 Apr, 1940
The Polish destroyer Burza and the British destroyer HMS Grafton were part of an escort of small convoy (two cargo ships and one tanker). Those vessels were sailing to Skjel Fjord, Norway where an Allied supply base was located.

27 May, 1940
On the 27 May HMS Grafton ferried 860 men to Dover and returned the following day to pick up another 800. On passage back to England, Grafton stopped to assist with the rescue of survivors from destroyer 'Wakeful' (Dunkirk Evacuation) another destroyer that had been sunk, but whilst doing so was herself torpedoed by a U-Boat.  Grafton was scuttled by gunfire.

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