HMS Boadicea (H65)

Casual List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H65
Built by: Hawthorn Leslie & Co. (Hebburn-on-Tyne, U.K.) 
Laid down: 11 Jul, 1929 
Launched: 23 Sep, 1930 
Commissioned: 7 Apr, 1931 
Complement 138
Lost: 13 Jun, 1944 (Lt. Cdr. F. W. Hawkins, RN.) was sunk by German aircraft off Portland, Her wreck lies 16 miles South West of Portland England at 50:28:12N, 02:29:30W in 53 metres  while supporting the Normandy landings, only 12 of her crew survived. However, official British reports attribute the sinking to a torpedo launched by a Ju 88 aircraft which disguised itself in a formation of RAF Beaufighters.
History: 6 Feb, 1940
HMS Boadicea and HMS Beagle sail from Boulogne with the Prime Minister, War cabinet and Chief of Staff for Dover.

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