HMCS Ottawa (i) (H60)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Canadian Navy
Type: Destroyer
Class: 'C' class
Pennant: H 60 
Built by: Portsmouth Dockyard (Portsmouth, U.K.): Hawthorn Leslie & Co. (Hebburn-on-Tyne, U.K.) 
Laid down: 12 Sep, 1930 
Launched: 30 Sep, 1931 
Commissioned: 15 Jun, 1938 
Lost: 14 Sep, 1942 - 02.05 hours (Lt. Cdr. C.A. Rutherford, RCN.),            was hit twice and sank in position (c 47.55'N, 43.27'W) by U-91 (Walkerling) with the loss off 114 crew. There were 67 survivors. 
History: on 14 September 1942, U-91 (Walkerling) fired a spread of two torpedoes at a destroyer and observed a hit. They then saw another destroyer, made a full circle and fired at 02.15 hours one torpedo, which hit amidships and caused the ship to blew up and sink immediately. (Walkerling) thought that they had sunk two destroyers, but in fact HMCS Ottawa  escorting convoy ON-127,  (German naval grid BC 6191)
Former name: HMS Crusader

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