HMS Hurricane (H06)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Class: Havant 
Pennant: H 06 
Built by: Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness, U.K.) 
Laid down: 3 Jun, 1938 
Launched: 29 Sep, 1939 
Commissioned: 21 Jun, 1940 
Complement: 145
Lost: 24 Dec, 1943 at 20.57hrs (c 45-10'N, 22-05'W) North Atlantic, North East of Azores hit by one Gnat from the German submarine U-415 (Neide). and sank.
History: HMS Hurricane was bombed and sunk in a German air raid on Liverpool during the night of 7 / 8 May 1941. Raised, repaired and returned to service in January 1943.  The destroyer served with the 1st Escort Group escorting the combined convoy OS-62/KMS-36 and supporting the task force of the American escort carrier USS Card.(Battle of the Atlantic)

27 Jun, 1940
The survivors from the merchant ship Leticia were sighted on the 27th June 1940 by two British destroyers. They were picked up by HMS Hurricane and arrived at Plymouth two days later.

15 Sep, 1940
When the ship City of Benares was sunk with over 100 children on board, HURRICANE was the first rescue ship on the scene, arriving 18 hours to pick up survivors after the Benares had sunk.

29 Apr, 1941
HMS Hurricane (Lt.Cdr. H.C. Simms) rescued the master, 170 crew members, eight gunners and 273 passengers from the British steam passenger ship City of Nagpur which was sunk in position 52.30N, 26.00W by the German submarine U-75. The survivors were landed at Greenock.

Former name: Brazilian Japarua

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