HMS Greyhound (H05)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: H 05 
Built by: Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness, U.K.): Parsons 
Laid down: 20 Sep, 1934 
Launched: 15 Aug, 1935 
Commissioned: 31 Jan, 1936 
Complement: 145
Lost: 22 May, 1941  (Cdr. W.R. Marshall-A\'Deane, RN., DSO, DSC)

(c 36-00'N,23-15'E)  sunk by bombs from German Stuka (Ju-87) dive bombers in the Kithera Channel during the battle for Crete. 

History: 18 Dec, 1939
The British destroyers HMS Grenville, HMS Greyhound, HMS Griffin and the Polish destroyer Blyskawica formed the escort of two British minelayers which conducted a night operation off the German coast. Mines were laid between Sylt Island and the harbor of Emden.

14 Jan, 1940
The German merchant Phaedra (619 BRT) is captured in the North Sea by the British destroyer HMS Greyhound.

29 May, 1940
Around 1700hours, two German bombers attacked the Polish destroyer Blyskawica, but missed. At night, she received a signal from the badly damaged British destroyer HMS Greyhound (loaded with some 1000 soldiers). The Polish destroyer managed to tow HMS Greyhound to Dover.

19 Jan, 1941
The Italian submarine Neghelli (620 tons) was sunk with depth charges off Phalconera in the Aegean Sea by the British destroyer HMS Greyhound, after the submarine had attacked a Piraeus convoy and torpedoed the British transport Clan Cumming (7264 tons).

6 Mar, 1941
While attempting to attack the British convoy GA-8 east off Crete, the Italian submarine Anfitrite (591 tons) was sunk by HMS Greyhound in position 35.15N, 26.43E.

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