HMS Loyal (G15)

Casualty List

Navy Royal Navy
Type Destroyer
Pennant G 15
Built by Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. (Greenock, Scotland)
Ordered 31 Mar, 1938
Laid down 23 Nov, 1938
Launched 8 Oct, 1941 
Commissioned 31 Oct, 1942
End service 12 Oct, 1944
History Heavily damaged by a mine in the Thyrhenian Sea off Italy, declared a constructive total loss.
Sold to be broken up for scrap on 5 August 1948.

Commanding Officers:
Lt. Cdr. Hugo Edward Forbes Tweedie, RN
22 September 1942 August 1944
DSC awarded on ???

Cdr. Godfrey Ransome, DSC, RN
August 1944 - ???

After the mine damage in November 1944 HMS Loyal was paid off 


Noteable events 18 Jan, 1943
The British destroyers HMS Lightning (Cdr. H.G. Walters, RN) and HMS Loyal (Lt.Cdr. H.E.F. Tweedie, RN) sink the German (former Norwegian) Favor (1323 GRT) south of Sardinia, Italy in position 3840'N, 0932'E.

7 May, 1943
The German auxiliary minesweeper M 6616/Alba Eder (21 GRT) and the Italian tug Porto Cesareo (230 GRT) were sunk off Cape Bon, Tunisia by gunfire from the British destroyers HMS Laforey, HMS Loyal, HMS Tartar and HMS Nubian.


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