HMCS Saguenay (D79)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Canadian Navy
Type: Destroyer
Pennant: D 79 
Built by: Thornycroft (Southampton, U.K.) 
Ordered: 6 Mar, 1928 
Laid down: 27 Sep, 1929 
Launched: 11 Jul, 1930 
Commissioned: 22 May, 1931 
End service: 30 July, 1945 (see below)





Heavily damaged in a collision 12 miles off Cape Race, Newfoundland on 15 November 1942 with the merchant ship "SS Azara".
She was escorting convoy WB.13 from Wabans to Sydney, Cape Breton Island.
Used as a training ship after being repaired.
Decommissioned 30 July 1945. 

23 Oct, 1939
The British light cruiser HMS Orion and the Canadian destroyer HMCS Saguenay intercept the German tanker Emmy Friedrich (4372 BRT) in the Yukatan Strait west of Tampico. When the British light cruiser HMS Caradoc also arrives on the scene the Germans scuttled their own ship to prevent her capture.

1 Dec, 1940
Around 0350 hours on 1 December 1940 the Italian submarine Argo torpedoed and damaged the Canadian destroyer HMCS Saguenay some 400 miles west of Ireland. HMCS Saguenay was escorting convoy HG-47.

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