HMS Belmont (H46)

Casualty List

Navy: Royal Navy
Type: Destroyer
Class: Town Class
Pennant: H 46 /G46
Built by: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.) 
Laid down: 10 July, 1918 
Launched: 21 Dec, 1918 
Commissioned: 09 Oct, 1940 
Complement: 138
Lost: 31 Jan, 1942 ( Lt. Cdr.G.B.O. Harding, RN.) (c 42-02'N, 57-18'W) North Atlantic, SE of Halifax, Nova Scotia Sunk by 1 torpedo from German U-82 (Lt.Cdr.Rollmann).

History:                                                               Battle Honour



                 8th          Commissioned as HMS BELMONT at Halifax.

                                Prepared for Atlantic passage.

                 15th        Took passage for Devonport with call at St Johns, Newfoundland.

                 28th        Taken in hand for Stage 1 modifications to suit RN deployment.

                                          (Note : These included removal of mainmast and shortening of foremast.

                               The three after funnels were also shortened and the after 3" and 4" guns were replaced by a

                               12pdr  British HA gun in "X" position.

                                          Two of the torpedo tube mountings aft were also removed and British type Depth Charge

                               Throwers were installed.

November                 Nominated for Atlantic convoy defence after work-up.

                 25th        During post refit trials further defects delayed planned start of work-up. 

December                 Repair work in continuation



January                 Post repair sea trials and prepared for work-up.

                            During passage to Scapa Flow defects were repaired at Milford Haven.

                 5th       Arrived at Scapa Flow for work-up with Home Fleet.

February                Completion of Work-up delayed by defects

March                    Joined Western Approaches for service

               22nd      Damaged in collision in Irish Sea

                            Taken in hand for repair in Liverpool shipyard.

April/July               Under repair.

                            Radar Type 286M with fixed aerial was fitted during this period.

                           This was RAF equipment modified for naval use in small warships.

August                  On completion of repair carried out post repair trials.

              20th        Joined 3rd Escort Group based in Liverpool for Atlantic convoy defence

September             Deployed for Atlantic convoy defence with Group

October                 Part of escort for Convoy ON24 with ships of Group.

November              Nominated for transfer to St. Johns for Local Escort duty.

              30th        Took passage to join Newfoundland Escort Force.


December              Deployed at St Johns and escorted Halifax -UK convoy with Polish destroyer ORP GARLAND

                            in western Atlantic.


1 9 4 2


January                  Newfoundland Escort Force service in continuation.

              31st         During escort of return troop convoy NA2 hit by torpedo from U82 (Lt. Cdr. Rollmann) off Halifax.

                             Sank with the loss of entire ship's company in position (42.02N 57-18W.)

                             Escorting Canadian troop convoy NA2 to UK (Battle of the Atlantic) HMS Belmont  was serving in

                             the 3rd Escort Group.

                            There were no survivors, all 138 crewmembers perished. 

Former name: USS Satterlee (DD 190)

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